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Swann SW242RedAlert™ – Movement Video Recorder

Swann SW242RedAlert™ - Movement Video Recorder

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The RedAlert™ is Swann’s smallest and most compact Movement Video Recorder. The unit records JPEG photo images or AVI video files when motion is detected. The RedAlert™ is housed in a stylish metallic casing. With the RedAlert’s size being smaller than a DVD case you can store the DVR discreetly on a shelf or bookcase without it being noticed.Select between 1 wired and 1 wireless camera (use with any Swann security camera except IP cameras). Built-in PIP (Picture-In-Picture) feature allows you to see 2 cameras simultaneously on your monitor. The RedAlert will record one camera at a time for optimum recording performance.The RedAlert™ can take SD Cards* (*sold separately) ranging from 128MB to 2GB for maximum storage capacity (A 2GB card can store over 4,000 AVI videos -10 seconds each- and 28,000 JPEG images). It also has installed a 16MB hard drive. The RedAlert™ allows for simple back up to PC and you can view images caught by the RedAlert™ on your existing television set.P

List Price: $ 97.95


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